About The Gay Blogger And Webmaster Tribe

Gay Webmaster and Blogger TribeGay Bloggers and Queer Website owners are invited to 'join' the Gay Tribe directory by simply SUBMITTING A PROFILE of your Gay blog or LGBT themed, owned or operated business website for consideration. By banding together in a tribe of Gay Social Media Marketers, power bloggers and site owners can leverage our community power to get our voice heard, sites seen, make strategic connections, cross-promote, and find link partners. Queer bloggers and Gay-owned/theme web masters and businesses can find like-minded LGBT site owners and blogs to form alliances and leverage our internet and SEO social media marketing power.

TRIBAL POWERS : Submit Your Profile - Get Listed
Cross-Promotion : Linking : Leverage : Traffic

By submitting a Profile for consideration - you can receive the following:
+ Name or Brand Recognition
+ Visibility and Traffic to your Site, Business or Blog
+ Backlink Exchange Opportunities and Comments for your Blog
+ Fans and Followers on FaceBook, Twitter and Google+
+ Theme and content related links leveraging our collective SEO power
+ Mind & Market-Share within the GLBT community.

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To Submit A Profile for your Gay Blog or LGBT Website:
Visit the CONTACT Page and provide:

Your Name/Handle
Your Email Address
Your SQUARE Logo, Picture, or Avatar - Uploaded
Your Gay Blog or GLBT Website URL
Preferred Keyword / Anchor Text
A 50+ Word Bio - About Me Profile
...and ideally…
Your Twitter Handle URL
Your FaceBook Page URL
Your Google+ Profile URL

Lastly, Your CATEGORY chosen from: Arts, Business, Health, Home & Lifestyle, News & Politics, Sexuality

Be sure you write a well-crafted, keyword-loaded summary profiling what your Gay resource is about with absolutely UNIQUE CONTENT OF 50-100 WORDS OR SO. (For maximum SEO value, DON'T use Spun, Boilerplate, or Duplicate Content from old blog posts, Press Releases, About Me's, Article Marketing Bio's, etc.) -- You'll gain more SEO link-juice by crafting an absolutely unique 50-100 word blurb stating what you're about - and your relevance to the LGBT community.

The Power Of Tribes

Do you get it? Tooting your own horn only gets you so far. As Gay bloggers and webmasters we are the few who create the content - but struggle to get it seen by a fraction of its potential audience. Networking and leveraging with other blogs and websites is a hundred times more powerful SEO-wise. The Gay Tribe network provides a method to do just that.